“Bell Lungs for UnSilent Night 2020” – A livestream for Music Broth‘s annual fundraiser “UnSilent Night”, featuring alto glockenspiel, tiny piano, Microbrute, electric violin and voice, 13th December 2020.

“Bell Lungs for Elektron Arts” – A livestream featuring visuals by Bell Lungs and John Cavanagh, mixed by John Pooley for Elektron Arts, Tallinn, EE, 23rd May 2020. 

“Bell Lungs for Culture As A Dare” – A livestream for Culture As A Dare’s CAADfest, 23rd May 2020. Featuring kalimba, clarinet, lyre, electric violin and voice.

“Leaf Walk”, first broadcast as part of Hidden Door Live Season 2 in October 2020.

“Bell Lungs” performing at BBC Hall, Swansea on 4th October 2019, featuring Oscar Leyens on guitar.

“Helix Angle”, Scoring Noise Symposium / Cooper Gallery, Dundee, November 2018.

“Dead Earth”, Gothenburg Botanic Gardens / Gothenburg Sessions, 14th October 2018

“Songwriters Session”, Gallery of Modern Art, 30th August 2018

“Bitches Brew” at The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, UK. 25th June 2017

Performing with 5!HSÜ at Circolo H, Latina, Italy. 7th August 2016






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