Bell Lungs weaves layered vocal harmonies, electric violin, omnichord, guitar, field recordings and instrumental loops together into a psychedelic, post-folk soundscape that draws on natural cycles, environmental disaster and the microcosmic aspects of relationships. Live performances sometimes involve visuals and movement, and Bell Lungs is known for being an endearingly natural performer who creates immersive sound environments that transport listeners to other planets. David Keenan of The Wire deemed Bell Lungs’ vocals “elemental”, and Rave Child said she had “a truly remarkable voice, like cut quartz”. She is known for collaborating with poets, scientists, kinetic sculptures, artists, dancers, film and theatre-makers, and has performed in the UK, USA, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Italy, in venues common and uncommon, including art galleries, transport museums, double-decker buses, ancient ruins, 12th century churches, a disused grain silo, Tudor houses, a Napoloeonic fort and a hydroelectric power station.

In 2017, “Mosul Dam” was released as a split-single with Pefkin’s “Swans”, by Sheffield-based micro-label Sonido Polifonico, described as “disarming and demurring” by Losing Today. In September 2018, “Phosphodendrophobia”, a cassette tape of instrumentals and sound collages was released in a limited run of 100, which promptly sold out. “Wolves Behind Us”, a limited edition lathe cut of winter-themed songs, will be released in January 2019.

Bell Lungs has shared bills with Richard Youngs, Sarah Davachi, Richard Dawson, Glorias Navales, Diane Cluck, Marshall Allen, Delphine Dora, Maria Chavez, Håla Duett, COLLEEN, This is the Kit, ICHI, Adam Stafford, In Gowan Ring, and Martin Carthy. She has recorded with Pefkin, Gaze is Ghost, Viking Moses, Golden Ghost, LT Leif, and Trembling Bells. Performing has taken her from the UK to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA.

A frequent collaborator with others, across a number of disciplines including visual arts, animation, theatre, dance, film, poetry and science. In 2015, she played “The Voice of Granite” in Maria Fusco’s radio play “Master Rock”, a BBC Radio 4/Artangel commission. Other notable collaborators include poet Juana Adcock and microbiologist Dr Clare Taylor.

Bell Lungs is an active member of Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, often performing alongside improviser legends, including Trevor Watts, Phil Minton, ICP, Corey Mwamba, Maggie Nicols and Lori Freedman.

“…vocal harmonies scattering a dreamlike layer over a built soundscape of darker sounds, weaving many different elements into her tracks”The Fountain, 21/5/18

“Built around round the dreamy swirl of the Omnichord (a cult 1980s electronic instrument), ‘Omnidrone’ is a deeply lovely drift through the cosmos, with Hay layering shooting star vocal loops and electronic twinkles over a slowly phasing drone. Halfway through, she adds vaulting vocal incantations, bringing an urgency and focus that steers the track into the beyond.”The List, 8/11/18