Bell Lungs 3(1)

1/6/19 Old Hairdressers Glasgow, UK in collaboration with TONY BEVAN

12/6/19 Summerhall Edinburgh, UK in collaboration with SUZI CUNNINGHAM

16/6/19 | CAMP ELSEWHERE | Merthyr Maws, Bridgend, UK

28/6/19 | Scottish Storytelling Centre | with ALASDAIR ROBERTS, NEIL MCDERMOTT & TARTIN DE CLOUS

19/7/19 | Doune the Rabbit Hole | Cardross Estate, Stirlingshire, UK

3/8/19 Supernormal Festival Braziers Park, UK

7/9/19 Debrecen, UK with ARMA AGHARTA

19/9/19 | Nottingham, UK

20/9/19 Chunk Leeds, UK

21/9/19 | York, UK

22/9/19 Huddersfield, UK

28/9/19 | Manchester, UK

3/10/19 | Hereford, UK

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